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Learn about how  Hypnosis works. What is the difference between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy? Will Hypnotherapy work on me? Ricky Baker Utilises Hypnotherapy in his Sheffield office to help people to lose weight with hypnosis call Hypnoslimmer. Ricky helps people using Hypnotherapy to maximise the full potential of their minds and body. Achieve goals and remove unwanted behaviour with Hypnosis.

Past life regression is not everyone’s belief or Interest but is something Ricky finds fascinating. When Ricky first started doing these he wasn’t sure what to expect. But Ricky has done many of these now and gets given amazing accounts in great detail of lives lived long ago. He  likes to take people back to safe pleasant times in their past lifes and only dig deeper if the client wishes.

Ricky is also qualifed in E..F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique) E..F.T is an amazing tool that Ricky uses to help along side his Hypnotherapy. It helps to deal with so many different issues. It can look a little strange and involves tapping on certain energy points in the body but Is extremely effective.

Weight Control (Hypno-Reduce)

Stop Smoking (Smoking Cessation)

Anxiety & Panic attacks

Fear of Flying

Fears & Phobias

Pain Control


Sleep Problems (Insomnia)

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How can Ricky help you?

At some point in your younger life your  subconscious mind installed “coping strategies” to deal with life's dilemmas. At that time it may have been functional and served its purpose. You may not have been aware of it. This is because a lot of our coping strategies happen automatically in the “background” in our minds. Sometimes these coping strategies grow out of control because your mind does not know any other way to deal with such issues. Using hypnotherapy we simply implant new suggestions into these coping strategies so your subconscious mind can then fix it’s self.

Here are some of the more common problems that hypnotherapy can be used for:

Ricky Baker is a highly skilled Therapist. He utilises Hypnotherapy, EFT and Reiki to help all sorts of people reach their goals, remove unwanted behaviours and most importantly, to be happy.

What things can Hypnotherapy be used for ?

The answer to this is most things including the following.

Using the Hypno-Reduce programme Ricky has trained on is the ideal way of using Hypnotherapy to get to your ideal weight and shape.

Stop smoking effectively in one easy session. If you have come to the time in your life when you really want to stop smoking please don’t put things off, contact  Ricky now.

Anxiety is something many of us suffer from at one time or another but with some people it often becomes a way of  life often building up to panic attacks in some people. Ricky’s aim is to treat the symptoms first for immediate benefit then get to the root cause.

The difference between a fear and phobia is that a phobia is more specific say being afraid of spiders, rather than insects in general which would be a fear. Phobia’s generally come from one specificIncident that your conscious may even have long since forgot about (your subconscious never forgets..) The good news is both of these conditions can be treated using Hypnotherapy, phobias often in one session.

Pain management is something Hypnotherapy is very effective at for the simple reason the body sends a signal to the brain giving you the sensation of pain. Not many people realise you can reverse this using Hypnotherapy reducing or even removing the pain completely in some cases.

Insomnia much like  anxiety Ricky deals with the symptoms first  for quicker relief then gets to the root cause later.

Whatever the addiction may  be  Hypnotherapy allows you to gain control of your mind and fight any addiction in the most effective manner. Hypnotherapy is a very strong and effective tool to use against addictions.

Many people have a fear of flying which  spoils many fantastic holidays they may have with their partners children or grandchildren. Maybe you lose out on work opportunities,whatever the reason contact Ricky today and overcome this fear.

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