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Past Life Regression

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Your past life

Ricky has always been interested in PLR long before he became an Hypnotherapist.

he has read and studied many books and

articles on the subject. Despite this he was amazed at how much information came through when he did his first client. Not all Hypnotherapists are comfortable doing these PLR but Ricky really enjoys the experience.

Ricky has his own beliefs regarding PLR but Is open minded about other’s opinions. He believes the first session should take the client back to happy past life experiences. After this he leaves it up to the client if they wish to dig deeper. He will regress up to three people should friends or family want PLR together. Ricky also doesn’t mind doing these sessions in the evenings as people are more

relaxed at this time of day. If  PLR should interest you please give Ricky a ring and maybe arrange a free consultation.

PLR with Ricky

Theresa Hartley -Mace…Past Life Regression

Aha at last I have found it!!!!!! Yes well when Ricky regressed me it was nothing but awesome. I was taken back to 1800s to Pencarrow in Cornwall and even more weird the names I gave Petronella, James, and the Williams all seemed to have significance, now this cant be coincidence surely. I haven't had time yet to investigate this further but when I next venture to Cornwall I will be visiting Pencarrow for sure. Awesome and it was so vivid , not just that it was the emotion too !!!!!! Theresa x

25th Nov  2013