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Emotional Freedom Technique

Ricky sometimes combines EFT techniques with his Hypnotherapy for treating such things like:

What Is EFT?


EFT is a gentle yet very effective process which has already given thousands of people relief from a wide range of issues, whether emotional, physical or performance-related, without the use of drugs.

EFT often works were nothing else will. EFT is sometimes referred to as 'tapping' and involves gently tapping (stimulating) a number of well-established specific points on the energy pathways (or meridians) in the body whilst saying words which help to focus on the issue you want/need resolved. Either I can tap on you or you can tap on yourself, whichever you prefer.

I often refer to it as 'like acupuncture but without the need for needles'

EFT has a success rate of over 85% in the hands of an experienced practitioner and it genuinely does work in the majority of cases.

The basics of EFT are easy to learn, and in fact, I empower you to use the technique after the session for your own health benefit by showing you how to do it yourself. However, I've found my clients are often more comfortable with coming to me as a practitioner where I have the experience and knowledge to provide a safe, secure environment, particularly for dealing with highly-charged emotional issues. Sometimes clients just like to come to me to get the most benefit from using the technique to deal with issues where the individual is not sure of the words to say to truly tune into the problem. They might get symptomatic relief but without guidance, they may not be able to get rid of every aspect of an issue so the problem recurs. And certainly it is advisable to visit an EFT practitioner when wishing to work on very traumatic memories so as the process is guided to be as painless as possible.

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