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Ricky was born and always lived in Sheffield where prior to Hypnotherapy he ran a successful online printing business but always felt something was missing in his life career wise. He had always studied and shown a keen interest in how the mind works

Then one day he noticed an advert for an Hypnotherapy course and grabbed the opportunity. Like most people he had his doubts about Hypnotherapy and how effective it was. While doing the course however he soon realised not only how much it cured and benefited others but it also helped Ricky with his own issues too.

It really is amazing how Hypnotherapy and the power of the mind works. Hypnotherapy can cure or help so many issues like Weight Loss, Anxiety, Smoking Cessation, Depression, Pain Management, Phobias and most things really.

Ricky now runs a successful hypnotherapy practice based in Sheffield but still believes the client must be 100% comfortable with it. Which is why he offers a free consultation to make sure the client is totally happy to proceed.

Ricky is easy going in nature but passionate about what he does and loves helping people with their issues. So why not ring Ricky for a free consultation today and do everything you can to change your life for the better.

Ricky believes that everyone has the birthright to be HAPPY!

Ricky Baker